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We create circuits that are both beautiful and functional


Haute circuits

Saar Drimer

This one didn't make it to the printed magazine. Credit: Marie Claire, Mitch Feinberg

It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with Mitch Feinberg, an accomplished still-life photographer with a long record of amazing work. Marie Claire US magazine commissioned photographs of luxury jewellery — Tiffany, Chopard, Bulgari, Cartier, Yurman, and Harry Winston — from Mitch.

Mitch conceived the idea of having large bespoke circuitboard designs as the backdrop for the jewellery, and a Web search led him to Boldport and me. It was serendipitous; the old Boldport website was not explicit about us doing this kind of work, but Mitch was acute at sensing that this is the exact kind of work I wanted to attract! Our custom tool, PCBmodE, allows us to achieve the visuals and designs like no other tool can, and we were just the right company for the job.

The work appears in the December 2015 issue of Marie Claire US

The six photographs below are the ones taken by Mitch and belong to himself and Marie Claire magazine. They cannot be used without their permission. Unfortunately, the Bulgari piece — my personal favourite! — did not make it to print.

Cartier. Credit: Marie Claire, Mitch Feinberg

Yurman. Credit: Marie Claire, Mitch Feinberg

Chopard. Credit: Marie Claire, Mitch Feinberg

Tiffany. Credit: Marie Claire, Mitch Feinberg

Bulgari. Credit: Marie Claire, Mitch Feinberg

Harry Winston. Credit: Marie Claire, Mitch Feinberg

Harry Winston. Credit: Marie Claire, Mitch Feinberg

Below are photographs that I took of the boards and of the magazine. Please ask for permission before use elsewhere. A full gallery of images is here.

The circuitboard designs were inspired by the jewellery piece that would be placed on them. It was an enjoyable creative process. Finally, some of the boards have LEDs. These are SMD LEDs that poke through a hole in the board. Their intensity is controlled by a potentiometer and power is supplied via a microUSB port.

And finally, my credit! :)

EDIT: A couple of my prototype sketches