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Unit 10A, Block 1, Dockyard Industrial Estate, Woolwich Church Streeet
London SE18 5PQ
United Kingdom


We create circuits that are both beautiful and functional

Boldport ─ Electronics craftsmanship

Electronics Craftsmanship

Change how people
experience electronics

We design with attention to functional and aesthetic detail as would a master woodworker. Dedicated to our craft we developed custom tools to achieve exactly what we want, how we want it. Our creations are unique and distinct. We aren't boring and neither is our work.

Our clients' success is our success. We start by asking ‘what do you want to achieve?’ and then get it done. We question assumptions, pay attention to the smallest detail, and make our network of experts available to complete any project.

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The 'Pieceof' board was the first one designed and manufactured using our own PCBmodE circuit design software



Research and development

We architect your product using the most effective technologies. We’ll author an architecture document that you could present to investors and product design and manufacturing companies.

Concepts and product design

We make it work, hardware and software. We quickly iterate prototypes to understand the final project better. If you like, we can then manufacture the product for you.

Bespoke kits

Our design approach is perfect for educational and promotional kits. We will work with your brand to design and manufacture kits within your budget.


We design technology-art pieces and installations for companies, individuals, events, or public spaces. Our work appeared at Marie Claire magazine and won a place at the V&A Digital Design Challenge.


You can get one of our creations once a month through the Boldport Club.

The 'Cordwood Puzzle' kit · Article · Gallery

The 'Nutclough' amplifier kit · Case Study

The 'Seahorse', a wearable soldering kit · Case study · Gallery

The 'Tiny Engineer Superhero Emergency Kit' · Article · Gallery

The 'Buggy', a small soldering kit · Case study · Gallery

'Haute circuits' (Marie Claire) · Article

The 'Lifegame', a 25x25cm wall-mounted circuit board art · Article



Dr Saar Drimer — Founder

Saar combines obsessive doodling, love for circuit design, programming, and problem solving into Boldport’s products and services. As an engineer he’s learned to appreciate the value of adopting industrial design thinking and making it an integral part of his design process. He studied electrical engineering at UC Santa Cruz, and researched the topic of hardware security for his PhD at the Computer Lab, University of Cambridge. His hobby is cooking.


Ben Barwise — Creative technologist


Ben taught himself electronics in order to design audio synthesizers whilst studying sculpture at Slade School of Fine Arts. Now he uses those skills across a wide range of purposes from hobby to professional work. He is interested in electronic and experimental music and has designed installations for a number of contemporary artists. He plays drums and collects cacti in his spare time. All of the above influences his design practice.