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Unit 10A, Block 1, Dockyard Industrial Estate, Woolwich Church Streeet
London SE18 5PQ
United Kingdom


We create circuits that are both beautiful and functional


Three awesome colours to say that you're damn good at what you do!

Saar Drimer

BAM! There will be no mistake that you're a fucking good engineer and you know it!
This plaque comes in three different custom, unique, colours: red-orange, light-blue, and green-yellow. These are meant to be close -- but not quite -- to the traditional red, green, blue that you'd see on other, ordinary, boards. This way, it still looks somewhat like a PCB, and not something else. The boards are ENIG coated and shine like a charm when light goes through them.

This is the second edition of this plaque. We've only two made two for the first edition, and one of them was won at an auction by oomlaut for £105!  For this second edition of the plaque we made 50 of each colour. Each plaque is numbered, signed, and dated by myself.

Please don't let four letter words distract you from what's unique in this board! The familiar electronic symbols span several layer stacks to compose the complete symbol. This is a unique feature that I haven't seen done before.

Ready to tell the world you're fucking good at what you do? Get the plaque from Boldport's store!

(Oh, as usual, this board is open source hardware. The files are here, and I'd be happy if you make some for yourself and others!)