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Just applied for YCombinator

Saar Drimer

I suppose that it isn't that ordinary to publicise this sort of thing, but I just hit the button for the Winter 2014 YCombinator application. I'm not that hopeful, though -- I think that my application is a bit weird in comparison to what I think they expect. Particularly, I didn't have some of the answers, and I'm a single founder, which is generally thought of as a "bad thing". I actually enjoyed the application process! The questions are casual and the video isn't a competition in lighting, and it took very little time to complete.

I applied because I need help making Boldport more than just a consulting business. I'm not even sure YC is (also) about this kind of help, to be honest. But why not apply? They might see things in what I do that I cannot or do not -- they are much more exposed to some industries than I am. I guess that the worst that could happen is mild embarrassment and another entry in the rejection compartment. I can handle that.

The other reason I'm applying is because YCombinator is the one of the top incubators in the world. Back when I was applying for a PhD, I decided that if I get into the top five schools, I'll go. I only applied to MIT and Cambridge. It was good timing, and I wanted to experience grad school. I feel the same now about this application. Kind of a neat parallel.

Anyway, this doesn't change much, but I still wanted to share. 

Now back to bonkers.