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PCBmodE update, and introducing 'shimmy'

Saar Drimer

I've just pushed an update to PCBmodE's repo over on bitbucket with a few bug fixes and minor enhancements. The main update, though, is to the 'shimmy' board -- a Raspberry Pi daughter card with these primary features:

  • Replication of the GPIO port -- now you'll have two! (The intention is to use one of these)
  • A separate header for easy interface to the comms pins (I2C, SPI, UART)
  • Optional 0603 pad in series with every IO
  • Optional protection diode for every IO
  • Optional LDO voltage regulator in two different package options, powered off the 5V supplied by the Raspberry Pi
  • Optional 4-way voltage level-translation (such as the TXS0104E or TXB0104)
The idea was to create a board that has some flexibility in how the IOs are configured. Plus, the pads were made in such a way that they could potentially fit several packages.

Here's an image of the board; you can get the SVG from here.

Here's how the Gerbers look like in 'gerbv',

I'd like to send shimmy out for manufacturing within a week. If you have any improvements to suggest or bugs to report, email me or comment below. Also email me if you'd be interested in buying a 'shimmy', so I have a better idea on how many to manufacture. Finally, the first three people to tweet about shimmy with a link to this post will get one bare shimmy board for free!